Orphaned Neutral Units


So playing on Queens Maul and we started with the fearing zombie Lord guy. Which was awesome because it made the map that much harder by moving all the neutral units out of their homes. Unfortunately once the moved out, they became sedentary and holed up in strange places.
Such as this Ents from Seals Grove:

So no big deal except that I can’t recruit them now, because their home has been blighted.

I’m not sure how things work under the hood but it would be nice to be able to recruit these poor orphaned units, so they may serve a higher purpose. While still maintaining their completely logical behavior of running the hell away from terrifying zombie fear lord guy.



Yeah, I think i need code for them to walk back to their hometown when they stop fleeing.


If they go back to their home, would they burn the bodies located at them? Or would they just get close to their homes, wait until the bodies have been burnt and then make their way back?


Even if they go back home, those units are still permanently unclaimable; just hanging out (in the way?) for the rest of the game (or until zombies wander through them and kill them).


I had a game last week where some gryphons fled and stopped in an elf village. I went and recruited the elf village and they joined my forces! huzzah! Perhaps have the orphaned unit try to fly to the closest inhabited city after the fear affects wear off. If the city is owned by a player. Congrats! free units have rallied to your cause! lucky day! if it’s a neutral town… go claim it and get some new units! :wink:

if there’s no towns left… then thats a weird edge case cause it would mean all your population has been recruited as army units… but every town has been blighted? surely an empty town pop of 0 is ok. if I was a gryphon, I’d chill in an empty elf town. and if it’s owned. I’d help whoever owns it sure. :wink:


Hrm, perhaps there needs to be some other method of recruiting these guys.