Other players behaviors that you hate

First of all, english is not my mother tongue, so I’m sorry for grammary mistakes.
I open this topic with the hope that Blight will be a more friendly community.
I’ve noticed that some players are quite unfair, so I’ll list some behaviors that I personally find odious.

  • Take all the settlements without protecting them

We all know that there’s a competition between players to take as fast as possible all the settlements in the map. That’s ok, the more organised and prevident you are, the more you have to earn. However, I find unbearable that some players take settlements only for rewards, and then let them fall, leaving a mess that you have to clean. Why don’t ask to other players, before taking it, if they need it and they can defend? Communication is always a great resource.

  • Use double identity

I know a player that have a lot of accounts, and he doesn’t have the shame to show it. Probably you have meet him, he has accounts showing the name (always the same) and some numbers next to that.
Anyway, it’s just unfair when players like him take the open spots and then they transfer all the resources to themselves, without caring about the settlements left, that otherwise someone else can fill. Is there the possibility to block other accounts running in a system, preventing that horrible behaviour?

  • Ruin the game only because you’re loosing

Do you have only one settlment and around you there’s a mess? It’s ok if you don’t want to battle anymore (although I love to fight until the death of the last unit), but, please, don’t complicate the game of others. I remember that someone uses the Bridge Witch only to bring a pantagruelian horde to the settlment of another player, only when he realized that the Zombie Slayers’ and Soul Saviour’s badges are taken by him. So, don’t be childish and accept your defeat.

For now I’ve finished with the main intolerable behaviours.
I would like to listen what do you think about that and if you found other problems playing with others.


Other player behaviour that you love

Not as critism to you @JeanRenard, but listing behavior that you hate won’t reach these people. Those annoying people probably don’t even know this forum exists. Let’s put some positive energy in this thread instead with some things I’ve seen can improve the team spirit. You might have seen or done them as well, I remember playing with you a few times in the past or maybe even the present.

Hello world!

When the game starts, it can be a dark and isolated place. You don’t know any of these people and they might just go afk in two days anyway, so why dare say anything? They haven’t said anything either. And that empty chat-box is a scary void…

Don’t think like that! When you get into the game, give a nice little shout-out to the others to tell them you know how the chat-box works. Not only does the amount of replies usually equal the active players to be, you just sent out some positive energy to these strangers. It might be just enough for them to feel like they can communicate with eachother and ask for help.

Spare some change?

This is actually an advise for real-life too: When you ask a stranger for a small favour they can easily comply with, they’ll bond with you ever so slightly. When meeting someone new, asking them to grab that pen you can’t reach is a better ice-breaker than that one-liner you’ve been practising.

In the game, you can ask them for a small amount of a resource they have in spades instead. Is there a dwarven player? You can ask them for a small sum of gold (<100g), and elves or trolls can usually spare some valour for that settlement you need to recruit post-haste. And you can easily check whether someone actually has a surplus. Sure, you can wait for your own resources to reach it and you probably will by the time you log in again, but ask anyway. If you’re the first to ask, others won’t be hesitant to ask when they’re in a pinch.

I’ve got you, neighbour

Keep an eye on your fellow players and help them if they need it (and you can supply it). Send the hero card that can save their kingdom, send an army to their choke-hold, send the gold they need to train that mythical beast. Not only will this help you in the long-run, they’ll be more inclined to help you as well.

All for one, and one for all!

And my favourite, pooling resources. Especially with blind justice, high priests and ents in late game when valour becomes 3-digits, this can make a world of difference. Ask people to send you their valour or mana before unleashing unnerfed fury on the immortals or send yours to them. Or get a nuking strategy going by sending it back and forth between players with the same hero cards over and over again.


I’m not sure what it says about the playerbase (lots of good things probably), but i’ve never noticed any of the behaviours JeanRenard described.

On the other hand, mammon describes things i’ve seen in over 80% of the games i’ve played!

So a hip-hip-hurray for everyone!

Sorry for my negativity, it wasn’t my intention to denigrate the community.
Anyway I adore your hope for mankind @mammon.

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That’s what I meant with no critism meant @JeanRenard, I meant in no way that you were being negative. But I do have to disagree with you on two things:

-If you are using words like denigrate and pantagruelian, you’re lying when you say your english isn’t that good. (Okay, you said your grammar might not be perfect, but damnit I want to mention it. It’s rare for me to be the one bamboozled by expensive words rather than bamboozling people with them.)

-I have absolutely no hope for mankind. We’ve doomed ourselves beyond salvation already with our CO2 emission and I’m frankly surprised we haven’t taken the short-cut by nuking ourselves out of existence. If you’d read my fanfic admissions, you’d know what a dark place my mind is. My tips are actually thinly veiled ways to manipulate your fellow players into doing what you want them to do, so what if’it benefits them too?

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  • Probably because they are words that are used in my mother tongue too.

  • I agree with you. It’s not a coincidence if my favourite genre of music is DSBM.

Anyway I don’t want to go off topic.

I have seen a bit of both what @JeanRenard and @mammon have said. But while i tend to see the negative examples from sporadic players that i don’t remember, the vast part of the player base/ forum users i encounter in my games (the same 20/30 players) know how to play and try to help out as much as possible.

What I personally do not like is to see players drop a game without saying a word once they think the game can’t be won. This happens quite a lot, and it is rather sad to see you have been left alone to fight the blight! :disappointed:

On the topic or resources trading between team mates, I see lot’s of players doing it. I personally try to send my spare gold/mana/valor to the players that are lacking that resource before they even need to ask. Just take a look at the overall res from each players and check out if they need help to claim cities, defend or build up an army fast! :slight_smile: