Pause functionality for turn based games and/or the ability to vote on turn setting changes


It would be nice to be able to start a game with friends in a social gathering, but then be able to continue the game once the gathering is over if it doesn’t go to completion. Being able to set up minimum turn times of only 5-10 minutes and then being able to switch to more conventional turn times would be great for this.

Wait time before game start

if you are at the social gathering, couldn’t you just use the longer time limits and have everyone submit their turns quickly, or set a timer to buzz every 5 minutes?


Are you sure you cant pause a turn based game so the turns never expire. Im sure I implemented something like this a few months ago.

No notifications for pause/unpause

The pause button is in the menu. I tested it in a solo test game. It said it paused. I just created a new one with a 1 hour turn, and am testing to see if the pause works. I’ll have to wait the hour to confirm.

Confirmed, Pause works as expected in Turn Base game. The Next Turn timer stops, and the new time is displayed when un-pause the game.

So the combination of setting a longer turn time, and using an alternative method to time the turns at your gathering, and being able to pause afterwords will allow you to play. The minimum turn time is 1hr, so you would want to play faster than that at your party anyway.


I think an Email should be sent to all players when a game is paused or restarted … just to make sure no confusion.

Right now, you have no idea unless you check the game.


The question is, should it override a person’s default email settings? Not everyone has them turned on. I did just fine for 9 months without it on.