Percentage based drop ship option

I have realized that it is hard for me to keep up with dropping and collecting ships as my industry and star count grow or shrink. As you know, you have to input the exact number of ships to be dropped or collected or just drop all. I have to constantly issue new orders to keep up with industry growth so I can keep my empire flowing efficiently. I think that if there was a percentage drop option, it would make things a lot easier. Say I have a carrier on loop collecting 100 ships per loop and dropping 30 ships at star x and 70 ships at star y. My manufacturing level just increased and I spent some income on industry on the particular loop. Now I have to go back to that carrier and reissue orders to keep the ratio of ships dropped the same. For one carrier, that isn’t a big deal, but for many, it can be tedious. Basically, I wanted 30% of my ships on star x and 70% on star y so it would be nice to have an option that allowed me to keep that ratio even as my ship production count increased. So the option would be drop 30% or ships on star x and 70% on star y. Same idea for collecting ships.


I have came upon this same scenario, but instead of making a new topic I just bump this… Can we add this with the proteus updates??

Here is an example of the problem…

My carrier that is heading away from garnet is looping around all of my central stars and dropping ships of at garnet, the carrier moving towards garnet is looping backwards and forwards from garnet to yum, and my carrier heading towards vindemiatrix is looping backwards and forwards from castor to vindemiatrix.

Yes it is crazy but green is about to lose and this is just what I am doing so the problem is the carrier from vindemiatrix might not arrive every 12 hours of the day so… if it takes 13 hours then one day it will only drop carriers into the central loop only once but the next day it will drop more than once.

This means the carrier travelling my central loop will have more ships on it one day than it will the next day…not to mention my industry is always improving, this is really annoying to micromanage… what if one day I can not come online then I will end up with some ships just travelling the loop the entire day not doing anything, because I didnt give the order to drop the extra ships or the central loop will have less ships and it will drop to many carriers of at the first drop point I set as I didnt give the order to keep more ships after that point.

Its just really really awkward.

What else is awkward…oh yes now I need to hope no one from my game is watching this post ;p

In theory it seems like a good idea, but I can’t remember a time that I’ve ever needed it in all the games I’ve played. I typically use “collect all” and “drop all” and those aren’t pretty much the only orders I’ve ever needed. I guess there’s a rare “do nothing” but not often.

Maybe if you think it would be useful then it would be, never crossed my mind before now.

Also- throws me off when I can’t see your ship totals lol. Was that just because you’re posting public? I always have ships on 150 zoom otherwise, drives me crazy not seeing numbers.

Indeed, it is because it is public lol. On an actual game I will set the number of ships to 150 zoom as well.

But also I want to show the star names with less clutter so it makes it easier to point out instead of drawing arrows all over the place.

I mostly also use drop all and collect all but in these cases I am using one carrier to defend and drop ships at 2 stars after collecting…So if I was using more carriers I would make a carrier to do each job, but I have a carrier doing 2 jobs which is when the percentages are more useful.

It would just get rid of these awkward moments ;p

I also mainly use drop and collect all but on occasion if I have an awkward empire setup with multiple borders, my ship loops get a bit complicated.

I am always connecting multiple loops together and some loops are connected to at least two or three other loops. Yes, it can get complicated but it seems to be one of the most efficient strategies for constant ship flow toward the front line. With this type of strategy, the percent drop would be very useful. It is complicated enough having to micromanage and continually add new stars into the loops let alone adjusting specific ship drops so there is the right amount flowing in the desired direction.