Permanent alliances prior to game start

I know using multi accounts is considered cheating but how does the community feel about players in real life using predetermined alliances in games? I’ve had a few experiences that have left me a little sour but I’d like to remain open minded and hear the other side of things.

I just played a game where 2 of the players were seemingly not acting rationally. I figured due to their ship position they were allied as they left their shared borders bare of ships. I had no chance taking them both on but thought I could persuade one of them to attack the other to take the lead at the right time. Maybe, just maybe, if I played my cards right I could pull ahead in the ensuing civil war. Then one of the players threw away 3000 ships into a fortified position with nothing to gain from it. This dropped his ship count to 3rd and left him completely open for a counter attack from his partner that would win them the game. Dispite this tactical blunder he continued bragging he was going to win. Turns out he and his partner had joined the game together and they had agreed he would take the win at the end of the game.

I don’t want to discourage people playing with friends or loved ones but I think all players should keep an open mind and be playing to win in order to keep with the spirit of the game. I’ve played an 8 player game where 4 of the players knew each other but they let me know and were willing to betray each other to get ahead and it worked out great. I think its fair to say that if you can’t attack someone under any circumstance then you shouldn’t play in a game with that person. At the very least not without announcing it to the rest of the players.

I would like to add that I miss the same IP warning that used to show up if different accounts used the same IP address in a game. I know there are reasons for turning it off but I’d love for it to be an option in open 8 player games.


I feel the same way, the last Dark Epic Galaxy game I joined, there was a message sent to me and 3 others (before the game started) saying “Ok, who’s who? Mike” … :smirk:

My opinion is, if you’re going to play with RL friends (or even friends you’ve made in the game) then you should treat them as you would any other player. If people do that I have no problem. If they’re going in with pre-meditated alliances then it should strictly be a “friends only” game.

Just remember: often betraying a real life friend in a game can be very fun. Try leveraging that next time you face this situation!

Believe me, I tried. One kept insulting the other’s intelligence and said he had full control and I figured that would do it for sure. Sadly, the second player said the outcome was determined by a coin flip and since that person had let them win in a previous game that they had no choice. Nothing I could say or do could dissuade them. The second player has more ships, stars, and tech but is not trying for the win condition.

It’s all fun and games until one person gets so upset about you betraying them that they tell you to go die in a snowbank and never play again.