Permanent Warp Gates

I would like to see a setting that when creating games with Random Warp Gates enabled so that any random gates encountered cannot be destroyed by players who take the stars. The setting could just be “Permanent Gates” right below the Random Warp Gate setting. If you choose either choice enabling them, then now you choose this one. If this new setting is enabled, then you can still buy/destroy your own gates, but the random ones cannot be destroyed.

This would make the game more fanatic at times, requiring enemies to guard their random gates instead of being able to destroy them when an enemy starts an attack.

P.S. Would anyone want to see an overall “Permanent Gates” option? Where once it’s there, it’s there? I’m very in the middle.

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I think this would add a new level of game play and stradigy. Perhaps these permanent warp gates that are created randomly when the map is created can also have a color or hue that identifies them.

I wouldn’t like option for user created gates to be permanent. If an enemy builds a gate in the front I like the option to be able to capture and destroy it even if I can’t hold it.

Your idea of permanent warp gates also brings back up other feature requests for incorporating worm holes into the map. Would everyone like the idea of permanent warp gates or worm holes more? Permanent warp gates are probably easy to add in code vs new carrier routing and diffrent objects on map for worm holes.