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Is there a way to review all of your previously played games

When a game ends, it continues on the server for maybe 7 days, then becomes deleted in the bit bucket. After that then there is no way from within NP2 to review your previously played games.

However . . .

@Qwerty has created a tool that allows you collect in-game data from the current tick, and he also created a way to store game data if you are able to create a CRON job, but I do not know how that works.

I previously provided some extra explanations here.

@Dysp created a tool that allows you to accumulate game data if you are diligent to generate an API code during each tick for which you want to capture game data.

He has made some updates into his tool capabilities, but I have not yet learned how all that works.

@olus2000 has recently started to develop a game recording capability.

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One API code for the whole game was always enough for me. Plus, @Dysp added the capability of auto-updates at a regular interval on his new tool, so it’s basically just one-time effort to record a full game at this point.

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What @Trucriot said, please generate only one API code per game and save it somewhere. Generating a new API code will break all your previous API codes, and in the case of my NPTimelapse there is currently no way of adding a new API codes for the same game after the one you registered the game with is invalidated.

Edit: NPTimelapse now allows changing API keys for games.

Hi there! I ended up on this forum with the same question. Luckily, I see here someone provided an extended explanation. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will work great for me.