Player avatar / profile images missing


I assumed I had accidentally hit a hotkey, but looking at the listeners list nothing seems to toggle this.

On any device I log in on, in my primary game I am unable to see any of the player avatars/colour bars at the top of the UI. Changing position/size of monitor does nothing, and in an older game I’m in it’s still present.

Any ideas?


In games of 8 players or less, there will be a row of player avatars with their empire colors.

In games of more than 8 players, that row of avatars will be unavailable.

In any game, hitting the “L” hot key will show the Leaderboard. Clicking the Eyeballs or the AFK player links will show that player’s empire screen.

Hitting the “H” hot key will show your home empire screen.

From any empire screen, hit (EDIT) the “left arrow” or “right arrow” hot keys or click the “<” or “>” icons to view the other players empire screens.


Well, I feel dumb. Thanks!


Don’t feel dumb @sterry, I actually consider this a failing in the game and really want to fix it one day soon.