Player Created Games


I just finished the tutorials in single player mode, and wanted to check out the player created games. It says they are password protected. Does that mean they’re private games, or is there some means of contacting GM mod to get the password? Seems like I’m missing something obvious. :grin:


Player created games are games that Premium players have created, often password protected to play with certain people (meaning, yes, they are private games). Occasionally these will be created open, without a password, but that is very rare. (These games are from the green arrow.)

If you just want to play an open multiplayer game with other people, you are looking for the buttons indicated by the red arrows in my screenshot below.


if i create one now i make it passworded so i can get admin rights but put the password as the game name password = password normally
I will make one now if any are interested
Note, Jester is evil if active at start, please avoid using hero/cards until its dead