Player Participation Ratios?


Since players going AFK or immediately quitting is such an issue, what if players had a publicly displayed ratio of early quits (quits within the first 3 cycles maybe?) + AFKs to the total number of games played? If it’s publicly displayed, participation is a reward in and of itself, since more people will want to ally themselves to a player with a better ratio, while players that quit often and are not engaged in the game are shunned.

To build on this, perhaps there could be a custom option where game creators can specify the minimum reliability ratio one needs to join a game?


Currently there is no punishment for players going AFK, except that AFK players do not earn rank.

What if AFK players would lose 1 rank, but never below 0 ?

Or what if players who do not go AFK always gain 1 rank ?

How is "rank" calculated?

Besides it could be counter productive to punish AFK players since so many of them may just be new players who need help learning the game. I had previously done a limited study.


I’m in favor of this for repeat offenders, but there are legitimate RL reasons why some people do it occasionally, so for me the game would have to record either 2/3 cases of it happening in a row, or a high percentage over several games before players are publicly disgraced in this fashion.