Players cheating with more than one account

Someone accused me of being several players in the game I’m currently in!

Questions -

Does this happen?
How is it done?
Has it been stopped?
Can it be stopped?

It specifically says in the rules to NOT accuse people. First, I’d report whoever did it to Jay. Give game link and player.

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It does happen. That is why there is the IP warning, when more than one player is sharing an IP address, though that can also mean roommates, coworkers, etc are playing in the same game.

People are welcome to call out the IP warning when they see it, and everyone should assume they could be allies, but it isn’t cheating. There have been cases where players join, give all their cash to another, the quit. That is cheating, but should be reported directly to Jay. Openly accusing a player of cheating (abusing a bug or game mechanic in a way not intended) is not allowed, you should collect evidence to forward to Jay.

If you are playing a private game, and have ‘house rules’ and someone breaks those, I feel that falls under a different umbrella, and you should discuss that breach within the specific game.

I believe another player may be cheating somehow in my game. They have had the same number of stars for several days. They are also not going AFK because they keep making small changes in Economy and Science and their Industry has been skyrocketing. No one has attacked them for a while and their ships keep building up. I sent a few messages asking for help or for a trade and got no response. Most people would be willing to do some type of trade.

I do not know what is going on with this guy. I wouldn’t say he is AFK because his intel keeps changing but he has done nothing the whole game against other players. Even AFK players he has not attacked and now he has a big stockpile of ships on his stars that no one can fight against. I don’t think this is fair for other players for this guy to just turtle with his stars and not do anything else. This is in game # 6435119644540928 he is the light purple player. Would this be cheating or not?

Not being in the game, all we would see by looking is the star field (if not dark) and the leaderboard. Just because he is sitting idle and spending his money on infrastructure doesn’t in any way indicate he is cheating. He may simply be waiting for those of you bigger than him to beat each other down a bit.

Not trading or responding might simply be his playing style. Some people don’t like talking to others or working together. I don’t think that is an effective way to play, but to each their own. Also, if he was truly AFK, as in he didn’t log in for 72 Ticks or 3 Turns, the game would have kicked him.

Maybe the rest of you should discuss a halt to your war, and take him out together.

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Yeah I’m with Brian here. Turtling is not cheating.

I have tried a peaceful solution with some of the players before and they aren’t gonna go for it probably. Things are a little nasty in terms of alliances going at it against each other. I am working with another member and we have evened the playing field so far. I also got too many ships just about to attack to stop attacking now.

If we saw this ahead of a time, we probably could’ve done something. I think it is a little late now to try and take him out. I’m afraid if we try to attack, we’ll get our asses kicked and it’s probably better for him to sit there and do nothing.

Someone just accused @Sekoms and I of being the same person. That’s wonderful. Called it a “scam”.

To the person that accused - if you’re reading this, enjoy your public humiliation!

That kind of accusation is specifically against the rules. It’s one thing to say two people are on the same IP, let’s all target them. Different to specifically accuse them of cheating. Report them to Jay.

Hmmm I agree that it is not cheating now. It is a different style of playing. I thought he didn’t know what he was doing until he started attacking. It was clear then that he was letting his forces add up to get ready for an attack later in the game. While I don’t think it would be an effective strategy of playing for me, it is still a strategy that works. I thought they were working together for a moment. It is clear now that he has been working independently in a message later. His message said that he is not here for words or diplomacy. He is here for WAR. While I might not agree with this method, it is still an effective method of playing.

always felt like being accused of cheating was a sort of badge of honor on the internet; “oh, you’re better than me, only way I can explain that is by you cheating”

Oh yeah, this was as soon as I started getting the upper hand in the war. It was a stalemate to that point.

I think my exact words to him were “I just don’t think you like getting your ass kicked!”

The best cheater don’t have to use a cheat for cheating others.

; )

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There is always the possibility that a player will have multiple Google accounts and PCs (e.g. home, school, work, etc).

Just treat them as an alliance and gather the other players to work together to defeat them.

I’ve played in three games with a father and son who live in the same house, and use the same internet. I know them. They are not the type to cheat.

Having said that, NOT ONCE have I seen an IP warning.

Where should I be looking for it. I’ve been in a few other games where I was suspicious someone was using a second account. I’d like to know how to see the IP warning. Although an IP warning is kind of pointless. All you have to do is play the second account on your cell phone. System beaten.

It might be nice if there were a way to flag a player or players within a game quietly and have an admin watch them for suspicious behaviors.

As I recall the IP warning was removed for causing too much headache and drama. Co-workers checking in at work, people from the same school, family members with bitter rivalries, and sometimes the occasional actual cheater would all be accused.

It has been removed.