Players needed for 16 slot game, Little Boxes

Custom Map game open to the public. Turn Based, 8 Hr turns, 24 Hr
cycle. FA enabled, Scan share only. Dark start only. 16 players, 10
open slots.

Password: game on (all lower case, no punctuation).
Only join if you don’t quit please. AFK and Quitters tend to really skew the game for the rest of us.

Panda Bear, Tusk?

Map Layout:

So, you conquer your square first, and then branch out.

Hey Spectre - I’d like to but I need to withdraw from NP slightly for a bit as really busy at work and trying to plan an extension.

During these busy times I limit myself to just 1 dark epic game at a time!

By the way, don’t forget to add a link to your game in here.

Password accessed games are not listed with the User Created Games,
so the hyperlink must be shared to invite your friends.

maybe he sort of did provide a hyperlink.

and he tried to show the design of his custom map.

Yeah, sorry! I copied and pasted from the Google + channel and everything looked good on the preview pane, but I didn’t double check after it posted.

Link: Neptune's Pride
password: game on

Map design



(edit - 4x) Finally. Apparently you can’t post just lines of asterisks or plus signs and spaces…it deletes it or reformats it completely.

Sorry for all the confusion!

Fixed. Oh, and Myk, it is dark start only if that matters. Once the game begins, you see the whole map.

Oh… I meant that I only play 1 game at a time when I’m busy, and I find the standard game generated “Epic Dark Turn Based” games less time consuming than other game types.

Still need 6 or so players! C’mon and join, you know it’ll be fun!!! :wink:


Sorry, I’m in too many games already and crazy busy at work!

I will advertise the game on Twitter and Facebook.

And the game has started - cool “box within box” layout.

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Update of sorts in this forum post.

BTW, this really was a very good map … but unfortunately, we had several AFK/QUIT’s that upset the balance of power - be interesting to play it with 16 motivated players.

Agreed, it’s a very nice setup. I even think the concept would be scalable to produce a very enjoyable 64-player map.

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Can I get the custom coords for the map? Looks like a good setup and I’d like to make a game with it sometime.

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Sorry for the VERY late reply. I don’t check this forum as often as I used to. :frowning:

Glad to share, just give credit when people like the map…and don’t when they don’t. heh

Here you go, the exact coordinates from the last game. It needs tweaking a bit based on the players comments from the game, but overall I was happy with the map results. The numbers of AFKs and Quits…not so much.

(you can just paste the following into the map generator)

[[0,0], [0,12], [0,36], [0,48], [12,0], [12,12], [12,36], [12,48], [36,0], [36,12], [36,36], [36,48], [48,0], [48,12], [48,36], [48,48]]

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@Spectrefish / @Valhallan - let me know if you make this game again… sorry I missed it, looked like a good one.