Players portraits in 64 player games

I’m playing my first 64 player game. It’s wonderful.

One thing I have missing so much is a way to access each player by his portraits. Could be a sequence of all colours each line and the same symbols each column. It will be easy to comunicate, do stats checkings, send money or techs.


I am just waiting for my first 64 player game to start but I noticed the same thing.

I suppose it is mainly just down to the number of people you would need to display and making that work from an UI point of view.

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I would prefer navigating though left and right arrows in the left and right ends of the portrait’s bar, showing all the colors for one symbol, and some indication of the current symbol.

Or maybe all symbols displayed above the portraits, in small icons, and by clicking on one symbol it changes the portraits to those of that symbol.

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A 8x8 grid will work. One click to show the portraits, another to access player screen.

Could work too, Arth!

That actually does sound like it could work.

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Each colour on a line,

Each symbol on a column. It will be fast to search for any player.

On the player screen, it would be neat if you could use up and down arrows to select the shape, and left / right to select the color.

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Good idea, but on the player screen I would prefer to have a button that displayed a panel showing all players, with their portraits, symbols and name. Clicking on a player would close the panel and show that player screen.

And if is an option to circle players using cursor keys, should be buttons to do that to.

I think it will not be confusing/cluttered that way. 64 players games opened my mind about these things. All fans should try.

Oh yeah, I like the idea of just having a screen you can quickly open that has a big grid of icons.

I also like the idea of up-down, left-right arrows for shape and colour.

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