Players wanted: Roleplay intensive game


Only two custom games waiting for players? What is this…

I’m calling for players interested in a slow start, real time, roleplay heavy game. My only requirement for players is that they are ready to roleplay their race to the end, and are confident they are able to commit to the game for as long as it lasts. I also enabled extra anonymity, so no information about the players behind races would leak out.

I would especially like to play with the ‘finalists’ of the first 64-player game; HULK, Mitchotron, LegoMaster, Infin8Eye, the Romulans, Peloo Galivant to name some. Welcome!

If the game doesn’t fill before that, I’ll force start it or create a smaller one in a week.

password is ‘bossword’


Hulk appreciate offer/callout from Ernomouse.
Hulk remember Ernomouse strong player who does good SMASHING.
Hulk not a fan of Extra Anonymity - allows Puny Humans to try to hide from Hulk.
Hulk will still SMASH them!!! :wink:
Hulk not need to hide (plus Big Green Monsters aren’t good at that …)

So Hulk pass on that game … plus
Hulk busy in RL … hard to play real-time game.

Hulk hoping Master Developer Jay will create 64-user turn based game.


The High Council of Three, Leaders of the Red Triangulate, High Prophets and Interpreters to the wishes of Tribus, would find such a game highly enjoyable.

The High Council was not present during the first great galactic conquest, but has seen action in several such games, including as a finalist in one game in which the Council played an important diplomatic and cultural role within their alliance, securing victory for the alliance against the villainous forces that would tear, rip and shred it apart.

However, the High Council will be without connection to the planetary communication network for a period of 15 days, in about a month, rendering them unable to command their vast fleets and lose permanent control of the great Triangulate colony. Thus, the High Council must decline the opportunity for now, although would relish a similar offer following their return from their planetbound military duties.


Thanks for your interest, HULK and Bills6693! Time is always an issue, isn’t it.

The game is currently 5/16 full, which is a lot less than what I was hoping for - so, there is still plenty of space for anyone’s empire to jump in!


I guess I will join(roleplaying in this game is an interesting concept).


Thanks for everyone interested! I’m force starting the game by creating a new, almost identical but smaller game. If you made it in time, you’ll find the new address in your ingame inbox.