Playing 2 slots in the same game

Back in NP1, there was a way to tell if someone has playing as 2 players in a game based on some IP information. I see that this is now not possible (at least obvious) in NP2. The reason I ask is that one of my allies made a comment about the map and the location of an enemy that is clearly outside of their scan range. I don’t care if people cheat, but I don’t feel comfortable cheating other players out of a win by cozying up to someone who might clearly have an advantage by playing 2 spots.

Mightn’t he have been told by someone who was in scan range?

Normally I would have assumed that, however it was worded as such:

… is coming from the South…? I see him at the north end…

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, just more curious than anything.

I believe the feature was removed as it was causing people more stress seeing it there than being blissfully ignorant. Also, there are some legitimate reasons for multiple players having the same public IP such as office workers, or house mates etc.