Poll: What's your favourite race and hero

Ave. The title speak clearly.
I would like to know:

  • Which race you prefer and why
  • Which hero/combination of heroes you prefer and why (they can belong to different races)


Elves are easily the most fun. There’s so much to do with them. Layer their attack all the way up as a tree whisperer holds em for big stacks and elves are great.

Then again, orcs are fun how you can get a 5k stack in a day no problem and run around with wolves and shamans to make up for the immobility.

As my card collection grows, goblins are becoming one of my favorites. They lack in outright offensive capabilities but more than make up for it in diversity and money making.

However, trolls would probably be my favorite altogether. They’re easily the most balanced with an edge towards combat. The rune dancer is one of the best units in the game in my opinion. At 4 mana and cheap deployment and can decimate stacks, especially of goblins. Then you have the Crone. Pair her with an assassin and you can take down any lord with a little luck. 150 for their strong base unit is better than any other race. Tangle mage is cool when you want to help your friends and the bridge witch is a super dragonhelm knight. And finally the serpent charmer. What a great money maker. Trolls for the win.

I can’t say I really have a favorite hero thoigh, as they all play such great roles for different situations, but I do love the cowardly noble after a couple big wins. It’s always nice to get a gold bonus after some big victories and he’s a great starting hero as he gives you 50gold (after rebate) when you play him right off the bat for 4 mana. That’s a steal, that’s a deal. And the goblin banker is a must have for any 72+ hour games.

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Dwarves: Dwarves are my fav race in Fantasy, next to orcs, and I do like the cannons and how beefy their units can be compared to most of the other races.
They are also the most versatile, most are slow but they have access to gnomes, cannons and gryphons.

Orcs: The orcs are my second favourite, points to Avatar, for similar reasons except the Orcs are more fast, heavy hitters. You pay a lot of coin for them though but they make up for it on the battlefield.

Dwarves: Fav hero would be either the Mountain King (The king under the mountain and one handy card to have for a mountain rich map) or the Gnome (These little guys saved my bacon in numerous forest matches…also I love how hardcore yet silly their art is :P).

Orc: Orc fav hero would be Outcast Warchief because he looks cool and he makes for a good bonus for swamp/forest battles.

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I would have to say elves as they have range and crowd control, which works with my mentality of trying to save as many as possible
Hero has to be the Dealer esp in large multiplayer games, once you have a few out you can easily fund the other players and build defences faster
Next i would have to mention wolf pup and urchin, these cheap lurkers allow you to spread quickly early game and are great for claiming cities away from the front line

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I want to say the dwarves, my favorite Fantasy race represented in this game, but the orcs have won my preference in real battle. I’m the kind of guy who tries to branch out and damage control as much as possible, prevent the undead from getting numerous rather than building up the forces to stop their upmarch. The orcs with their ability for scorched earth tactics lend themselves so good for this, AND take care of me long-game by having a ton of buff units for my armies once I do have to rally the troops to counter the hordes. Combined with their proper speed and strength they’re very good for a more casual player like me.

Race: Orcs
Hero: elder /shaman/ priestress


Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!

The Orcs are missing a crutch the other races enjoy at least to some extent: compulsion effects. I find that the restriction, rather than reducing the playstyle by shearing off an axis, enhances it by making the hour-to-hour movements that much more important and the long-term planning that much more punishing. That’s what makes the game unique, and that’s what makes the Orcs so much fun for me.

As for heroes, I have to go with the Little Wizard. Just the right combination of power, utility, and risk, to be interesting in most every scenario.

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