Position of variable inserts in messages


First of all, I know this is splitting hairs, and secondly my subject may not be technically correct as I don’t know if they’re “variables” or whatever… but what I mean is, when you’re writing a msg in-game and you click a player avatar, or a star, or a ship etc. and it (very usefully) inserts the player’s name with their coloured icon, it always puts it at the end of the message instead of where your cursor is (i.e. where you’re typing at that moment). This is a little frustrating when you’re the sort of OCD writer of messages that I am where you’re constantly going back and changing / adding bits to sentences.


'Tis not a bug.
Same thing happens when you chose ships, you write out 3000, but you mean only 2000. So instead of back-spacing all the way, you move your cursor to the 3 and go backspace one, and it makes the number be a zero again.

At least for me :smile:

I mean, it isn’t the worst possible thing to happen to us OCD types, but it can be a bother when planning surgical movements, based off exact troop numbers and timing.



“'Tis not a bug.”

Right… but it’s the most appropriate area to post it in.


I understand and agree :P.


Very well then sir * shakes hand * :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would consider it a bug, however it depends on how you define ‘bug’. It would count as a usability bug. The first google result says it quite nicely:

There are two types of bugs: Reliability and Usability.
A Reliability Bug is an unintended error which causes your application to fail the user. […]
A Reliability Bug does something wrong but nobody noticed it and the user considered the wrong data to be true.

Stuff like this can’t really be classified as “Feature Requests”, or such, as they are not adding new functionality. They are simply making existing features better.


Yes, this is a bug.

I just did the insert thing into messages code for blight this week and I did it better this time where it inserts at the position of the cursor. I can probably also do the numbers thing better too.

I just need a few more months focused on Blight, then I’ll come back and fix up all these little things on NP.


That’s cool, I know you’re working on Blight atm man. How are things going with that? I really should try it instead of always starting new games of NPII


It’s going very very slowly. The game is fun I think. I like playing. But it’s way too hard at the moment and there is still heaps of missing and incomplete things.

I’ll be trying to drum up support for some MP games later this week. Would love your help trying it out!