Possible AI bug?


I’m not entirely sure if this issue has already come up or has already been reported byother people, but I’m currently in a game where the AI keeps attacking with 1 ship carriers.
see attached screen capture - it’s the 3rd of such “attacks” that were launched by this particular AI controlled player, which is odd because another AI in the game had absolutely no qualms about launching attacks and counter-attacks that actually posed problems.

btw. Azha (star currently under attack by yellow player) used to belong to purple (AI) player and was its main star (homeworld).
game ID is: 6679937923678208


Thanks for the heads up on this. Its on the top of my list to fix. I have seen it in my own games so I think its quite common.


It happend in my last game as well.
I think it started when I moved all my ships away from the star to attract an the AI to attack me. He did not attack with all his ships but with a single carrier, and from there on, no matter how much units i had on the star he kept sending carriers.


I might point out that this may or may not be an AI only glitch. In a recent game I tried moving a carrier to a star to pick up ships and move them along a warp gate path. Twice in a row I’ve had to go back and build new carriers because the ships left without picking anything up. :pouting_cat:

As for the AIs as a whole, I’ve yet to encounter them doing any such things in my games. And I’m in what I like to call an “Autowar” (name from orionsarm) with nothing but AIs. I’m winning, but they’re giving me quite a bit of trouble and seem to have it pretty straight: attack with big fleets.

I will admit that before the update to the AI program that made them more threatening I encountered single ship assaults more frequently. I thought that was just AI stupidity. They never reacted smartly way back when.


I’ve seen the AI do this as well in game…
In that same game I also had one of my carriers, which i could have sworn was loaded up, fly off a star with only 1 ship… I assumed it was a mistake on my end, and it might have been, but with @Smulm saying the same it’s possible it was a larger game issue.