Possible bot reinstation bug (also me being daft) - is there a fix?

Hi all (and hopefully Jay?),

I’ve done a silly thing.

Turn based private game.

I clicked Reinstate Player on one of several AI’s in the game. This broke the AI, which has stopped doing anything.

Now the turns don’t move on when the human players all confirm their moves, because it is waiting for a broken AI that cannot take a turn.

AND, if I “force turn” all the players get a warning message telling them turns have been skipped (even though the players all submitted their turns and nothing has been skipped, as far as I can tell).

Is there anything I can do to fix this game. Can I kick the AI-less AI or something? So that it gets an AI again. We’d really rather not restart…

Thanks for reading,

ps. For the context of why I did this, I was trying to add a late joiner to the game. I’d hoped they could replace an AI and since the AI’s show up in the Reinstate Player menu, thought maybe it was possible. I think the menu should either not include the AIs as targets for reinstatement or reinstating them should allow a human to replace them, taking control of their empire.