Possible cheater in Neptune's Pride 2


I am in game https://np.ironhelmet.com/game/6430503705247744 and we have this player (Nooops) who strangely has science 4 (now 5), industry 15 and Economy 10 since level 1. Something impossible with your own economy. The thing is that in the first turn two of the players just became AI, so we suspect that he’s using multi-account and transferring all the money to his main account to build up a stronger army.

We don’t like these type of players, as they make useless our efforts and time to plan the best strategy to enjoy the game.

Is there possible to take some actions against this player? The rest of human players in the game are quite nice.


I’m in the same game and I confirm this behavior. I hope there is something that an admin can do. Otherwise we will be forced to quit the game.

We can provide screenshots if needed