Possible error in game/5160290355773440 , no longer loading


Having a problem loading custom game/5160290355773440 , large, 2 humans, 30 AI, fleet sizes in the low-mid thousands for everyone. Both humans are unable to load the game now.

I was wondering if it was just too much for the game to have that many AI on it? Or if it was something temporary.

Regardless, have been enjoying NP slowly for a while now, and looking forward to what you have planned this year.


I’ll see if I can take a look right now.

update: There is some new bug I’ve never seen before. There is some recursion bug when trying to save the game. Something is linked to something, which links back to self. I’ve never seen anything like it in the many years NP has been running.

Do you know if anybody was using some custom plugins or tools to access the game?


I don’t believe so. My friend and I haven’t gotten that far in our experience of NP, but I can double check with him later this morning (0300+ , he’s gone to bed).

Also, thanks for the really quick reply!


And that would be a no on the plugins/tools. Interestingly, was able load the game briefly around 0500ish, but not had luck since.