Possible Guides?


This is one of the bits where i’m an unusual gamer I think - I would far prefer the buy the software/ premium mode (which indeed I have got, only really to support the game).

The concern is from lots of little parts

  1. just getting an advantage feels kind of bad to me (enough that I personally wouldn’t want to), for instance an example of a free to play game with no advantage for players see vainglory.
  2. concern over that if it became the main income it would alter future plans for developments and add more bonuses to them.
  3. concern it may be used to ignore problems (people can’t take a varied deck, well that doesn’t matter, they can just buy cards with hero coins).

To be clear I haven’t seen any evidence of 2 or 3 (at least yet).

Probably the fact I like hard games and want to feel I have won fairly doesn’t help - if I did get some advantage there would always be that doubt to me that the thing that tipped the balance was the purchase.

As a side note me linking hard games is um problematic for me (an ideal game to me would have a less than 50% chance of winning compared to my so far 100% of blight), but that’s not ideal from getting hero coins in blight (lets all spam easy games to get to the fun part :/)

finally to be clear I don’t really see them as a problem (yet anyway) as if I did I would just wander onto another game. They are just something I personally don’t want to support.