Post here games with open spots! (Assistance or Spectator;Free Coins)


I thought it would be a better idea to have one thread with all open spot games, instead of making new threads each time we have 1 map that needs help!

If you have a game with open spots that need help, or simply a game that gifts free coins, post here!

if the game is filled up, please edit your post!

I currently have two games that you may join as spectator:

3/4 open spots, 50% win chance, should go on for 4/5 more days, nothing to do! :scream:
Crossroads (Normal) 50% win FULL

1/6 open spot, sure win in max 2 days!
Queen’s Maul (Hard) 100% win FULL / Ended


That first one is very silly. I jumped in to watch.

Also hopped on the second one and gave away all my money, not that you all needed it.


2 spots in this 12 players game. Easy win and many free coins! One spot has some armies and settlements left, while the other is just for spectating. We should be finished within 2/3 days :slight_smile:

Cloudlands (Normal) 100% win FULL / Ended


A nightmare for experienced players. Orcs, orcs and orcs. Plus some gobbos and trolls.


an early sanctuary with 2 spots open… why do people always leave sanctuary D:


Maybe they got bored of the New-Age tree hugging?

Let’s fire it up a bit with a good old zombie bonfire!


'Still one open for the sanctuary spot! (FULL)


Oh yeah


Open spot for Humans at Watering Hole.
You have a reasonable amount of settlements of the humans, dwarves and orcs, and have a decent army, but many of the surrouding settlements are already blighted with many zombies. If you’re quick, you should be able to stabilize reasonably well :slight_smile:
Game number:


I’ve joined up, but the Human position in the northwest has just opened up as well.

This position comes with a ton of resources, strong armies, and dragons. Get in here!


Here I am.


Thanks guys!


Aaaand another spot! This time it’s the Dwarves in the east.


Frankly, i’m amazed that guy didn’t leave any earlier ^^

#15 edited: 1 spot sanctuary game basically over its just free coins now


Here I am.


Another Nightmare game.


last day for 1 spot for free coins


1 spot left open in this 6 players game! Game should end in the next 12h! Free coins! :smiley:

Volcanic Dust 5/6


2 spot left open in this 12 players game! Game should end soon ! Free coins!