Post here games with open spots! (Assistance or Spectator;Free Coins)


One open spot.
It’s a little difficult, but whatnonsense and me are doing the best.


Two fresh Nightmare games for Halloween:


One free spot


Queen’s Maul, 2 open slots, still early and winnable. . .


11/11 : 2 spots still opened, but we’re almost done with map.
11/17: Game finished.


Three Nightmare games:


1Spot open, another on the way. Been rather fun playing with three players starting resources.


I don’t think is funny to play with double identies. The badges earned this way are “stolen”, in my opinion.
Anyway, I’m in.


Probably a lost cause, but conceivably salvageable with very tight play. Open spot is the NW Goblins. Very time-sensitive.


We’ve got two open slots here on the map Oasis. The open slots are one Orc and one Elf.


5/6 on Wisdom, Elf spot open. We’re fighting hard, still in the thick of it!

Game Number: 4851440653697024


Free coins



One spot (Elves), Goblin Woods, some progress already made:


Game 80% done. Will probably be over in a few days. Would be some easy coins since it is a 6 player match. All you have to do is convert your existing resources into troops and move them somewhere reasonable. And maybe send resources that you aren’t going to use to other people or use them yourself.


Game about 50% done. 2 spots available. 6 player match.


Game gone a bit…tits up but we can still save it.


Test game of a new map with an open Dwarf spot from drop out:


Two spots open. Gobbo and orc.


Three spots open!


(FILLED!) Got an open Dwarf spot in a rather unenviable position - person AFK’d immediately: