Post here games with open spots! (Assistance or Spectator;Free Coins)


Storm riders

Three open slots: dwarves (SE corner), goblins (NW), goblins (SW), normal difficulty


I joined up.
First time I played this map…looking forward to it.


I’m interested in joining up, but I’m brand new to the game and don’t want to screw it up for everyone else. I’ve only played the tutorials and one of the single player missions so far.


Join in then, you can only learn by trying!
If you do I will even give you a ten hero coin badge of your choice :smiley:


Okay, I joined - I took the Goblins in the SW (only slots left were the 2 goblins). Appreciate the hero badge!

I’ll take any in-game advice offered.


The game’s on normal so unless you actively help the blight, you can’t screw up :slight_smile:


Give me a few days and I’ll get you your badge Mr Penguin. Any preferences for what coin you want btw?


Appreciate it. Not really know much, there be Dragons in our map, so that one would be nice. But if there’s a cost difference between the different sets of badges and that makes a difference, the Bat will probably fit these Goblins the best.


Burdened Beasts
One open slot: spiders/goblins



A 12 players map, normal difficulty
It seems it has been played only once from the highscores, but no more, for the zombies will be smashed again!


I believe the high scores expire after 30 days or so, so for such a big map I’m not surprised most of them are gone. I shall join you in this quest!


6 positions left!
Remaining slots: elves, 2x dwarfs, orcs, goblins, humans


I’m in and it’s full now!

Please keep an eye out for move compulsion issues, hopefully the powers will work as expected all the time now.


I’m setting up a game on the new Redwind Plateau [Hard]. Let’s give it a whirl!

Password: test


This one’s more or less free coins, but it’s still early enough that there’s stuff to do. Open position is the Goblins on the bottom left. You’ve probably got just the base deck.

Map: Iron Crown
Difficulty: Normal


I joined. I’ll see what I can to do help out.


Need a Goblin player to kick off this Iron Crown game. Pretty comfortable starting position.

Map: Iron Crown
Difficulty: Hard


We’ve got two open slots in this game. One human and orc.

Map: Wisdom
Difficulty: Normal


Spectator slot available on Iron Crown. Maybe we can get you a town or two to play around with; not sure if there’s anything of consequence in the deck. At the very least it’s some free coins when we win.

Map: Iron Crown
Difficulty: Hard
Position: SE Trolls (dead).


Troll slot open on Fountain of Wisdom [Hard].

Your position is pretty bad, but maybe you can pull something off. Trolls are magical, after all.

Map: Fountain of Wisdom
Difficulty: Hard
Position: Trolls (will be dead in about 12h without a player).