Post here games with open spots! (Assistance or Spectator;Free Coins)


Tried out the 12 player map! 4 out of 8 players weren’t around by time we started, come on and give it a try!

Map: Cloudlands
Difficulty: Hard

If a position is llow on settlements, post in chat and we can try and donate some your way.


One open spot; not too tough.

Map: Oasis
Difficulty: Normal
Position: Northeastern Elves


We’re giving it another go. Need another 4 players to start! All skill levels welcome.
Map: Cloudlands
Difficulty: Hard


Early in a Hard Fountain of Wisdom game. You’re our Dwarf player, and as such you’ve got aaaall our gold. Loads of bosses in play; plenty of time for you to have a very big impact on the game. Plus, the rest of us really could use the 2k gold you’re sitting on :wink:

Map: Wisdom
Difficulty: Hard
Position: Dwarves


Ever since playing it on Hard, I’ve been wanting to see if Redwind Plateau is possible on Nightmare. Help me find out!

Master of Coin right off the bat, Bridge Witch is the only hard compulsion on the map, and no one really gets any towns except the Trolls. I’m happy to play any of these positions, so I haven’t joined yet.


Keepers of the marsh, hard (4 players, 3 troll spots open)


One spot left!


Two open slots in this game. Both orcs.

Map: Oasis
Difficulty: Normal


Human spot open in this game.

Map: Crossroads
Difficulty: Normal


Burdened beasts, normal, 3 slots open: Spider, Hydra and Gryphon open


Two spots left.


Cloudlands, 7 spots left


Free coins; probably about a day and a half until it’s wrapped up:


One open slot. Free coins if you just want the coins, but there’s plenty of time to participate as well.


We’ve got three (soon to be four) open positions on this Normal Iron Crown. All positions still have plenty to work with.


The other guy have been afking for the whole game. Join me if u wanna save the world from zombie orcs.