Post here games with open spots! (Assistance or Spectator;Free Coins)

Oh, its full.
Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Game 4909451513954304 ENDED
Elves. “Celestial Pools” map. Player abandoned. Free 6 coins.

Hi, I’m new and dunno how to link so here’s a number: 4949652776943616
Volcanic Dust on normal, map is 3d2h old, pick between orc (easy) or goblin (challenging) because 2 players left immediately
Edit: thanks @JaiSh123 for joining as goblins and for explaining links to me
Let’s hope this link works

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Hey @xyzer, you can link just as you would do it in a website; Use html.
Just remove the space before the opening and closing “a” tag:

< a href=“Link Url”>Link Text</ a>

Just so you know, you can check the raw text of edited posts. Just click on the pencil icon at the top, then click “Raw” tab at the top.

Hey fellow Blight Burners! :grinning:

We have decided to wage a glorious victorious 12 nation war against the Blight!
This is a call to arms to all players, experienced or not, to join our war to save our precious land, better known as Cloudlands. We need 6 more players.
Here is the ended game’s number: 6378135558291456
All that we ask is that even if you are losing, do not give up.

Edit: Thanks @DrBwaa for returning as the King and leading us all to victory! :grinning:

See you later!

Hello again, fellow warriors! :smiling_imp:
This time, to test your wits and command is another war, this time in the great lands of Dwarves, Men and Orcs. This is not a war for the faint-hearted! :hot_face::cold_face:

Come, show your skill and grit as we save Our Watering Hole from the Blight.
Rally, men, rally! For the war has just started… :wink: