Postgame Replay / Debriefing

How about a witness program as a plugin for users?

This is what is returned when you request a games data when you are not in the game. In theory you can do this now.

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Oh, perfect! I’ll give it a try. If that does work now, then you don’t need anything else to keep at least me happy :wink:

Do you have to be logged in or can I make requests for game data without being logged in? Obviously my hourly cronjob wouldn’t be logged in.

Hey Jay,

So I tried this. When I’m in the lobby, I can get the public data from any games (ones I’m playing and ones I’m not playing). This is cool - but when I’m not logged in at all, it tells “me must_be_logged_in”. What a pity!

So, I’m wondering if you could either provide a url you can hit with the game id and it sends back the data (can be identical format to full_universe_report, or whatever) - this would be awesome cause I’m lazy - OR if you can change it so that you CAN do a full_universe_report without being logged in and it works the same as when doing it from the lobby.

If that works, I’ll be extra happy :wink:

In the meantime, I might see if I can log in with PhantomJS/CasperJS and then perform the queries from there - I only need to be in the lobby to query any game, after all. EDIT: CasperJS did not work :frowning: For some reason, I wasn’t able to navigate the menus…