Praise for the Heroes! (compliment other players)


This thread is for verifying and praising other Blight players. Many of us experienced positive stuff with pickup players we nabbed off this board – and those players that step in and help a game (win or lose) deserve accolades.

Plus, with any luck this thread can be a default vetting process for players – knowing which ones are reliable and good to finish out a game rather than just drop things mid-way through.


@Levistus666 helped us with a Hard Sanctuary game. He was awesome. We lost out 4th, and needed someone to step in. Levistus666 stepped in and despite a tough situation where 11,000 zombies was marching on one of his towns in a few hours, he not only saved the town but turned the game for us. He was also super patient as my group has a tendancy to ask for pauses when life gets in the way.

Levistus666 is highly recommended. I’d play with him at the drop of a hat.


I really like the idea of this thread. Thanks for kicking it off @Praetorian.

I’m going to implement a simpler version of the Neptune’s Pride Badge system for Blight where you can reward good players by buying them a badge with a Hero Coin.


Thanks @Praetorian! It was a lot of fun. I think sometimes when you join these games you get placed in situations that you wouldn’t normally find yourself in if you were starting a multiplayer game from scratch so it is actually really interesting. @Praetorian and everyone else in the game was great and it was one of the most collaborative games I have played in terms of sharing resources and coordinating actions. I would highly recommend @Praetorian as well. Seems like we are building a great little community here.