Pre made sides i.e. Star Trek vs Star Wars


what I would like is a two sided game. where you select sides when you start the game. and the side you choose are the only people you can trade with. Lets call side A Star Trek and Side B Star Wars. Make it so that the Trekkies can only trade with other Trekkies while the Star wars Fans can only trade with those on the dark side. perhaps even give them different starting techs. as an example range for the Jedi and scanning for the Federation.

was about to start a new Star Trek game and gave this some thought. perhaps I’ll make a double galaxy and do a trek vs wars instead.


If you don’t mind if the respective themed sides have some civil wars, you can implement this with your own commendable map creation skills:

Simply create two star clusters separated by a massive expanse, and lock scan tech at a fairly low value.

Even when the sides are eventually able to reach one another, tech alliances will be established and little cross-expanse trade will take place. Indeed, I would predict this type of match would fundamentally turn on the cohesion and tech advancement of each side. The conclusion may well be decided before any uberfleet braves the expanse.

In other words: a pure scientific competition to determine whether phasers or lasers are better.


yeah. just made a galaxy for this. can’t do shapes because of the limited number of starting points. (16 per side). would have loved to do the deathstar vs the star trek symbol :confused: but since I couldn’t I based it off of the previous diamond 64 player galaxy. although rectangle instead of diamond so I could put them side by side.

might have to do BSG and B5 as well.