Premium Players, Turn Based, 16 places 👼 [Ended]


Password in description. Public now - so hopefully people join.

(1 place left)


Wait we can make proteus games now??


Not quite - just a test game.


Congrats to Hawkmoon who pulled ahead for a surprising win.

The game lasted 520 ticks ending in the 22nd cycle.

The winning alliance was 6 empires: Hawkmoon 104, Brand 54, Tr0n 53, Ghobble 29, Brave Sir Robin 12, KILLDOZER (KO).


How did you create this expanded intel graph? I just love it!


It’s part of a game mod I’m working on. It’s not really ready for public consumption yet but I’ll post it on the forum when it’s in beta testing.

Based on a similar method to the translation mod but for various UI tweaks.


Alright… let me know as soon as an extension is available! I’d love to use it. Also, could you check out the topic I recently posted about? Maybe you know a way I could reconfigure the game rules despite there not being a >16 player option :frowning:

Private Match Changes? 16 Player Cap