Private match randomly "closed by games admin" without explanation?

A group of friends and I have been playing a private match for just under a month now, but yesterday when I went onto the match, all I got was a screen saying that the match had been closed.

I don’t know if ‘games admin’ means the person who created the match or not, but he said he has no idea what was going on either, and there’s pretty much no information I could find about something like this happening.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help explain this situation and why it happened, since our whole group is kinda pissed on it stopping essentially when we were getting into the endgame.

The premium player who created the game is that game’s Administrator.

I am not completely sure because I have not tested these two ideas.
It might be possible for the game Administrator to accidentally delete the game
perhaps either from the Options menu or maybe from his list of " My Games ".

Just create a new game. GLHF

What was the game number ?
What were the game settings ?
Have not seen this in a very long time, so it could be a very remote possibility the game could crash after too many carriers or too many ships.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, that game was most of our first times in NP2 so we don’t really know that much, but I can tell you that our game number was 5681502858510336, and the person who made the game hadn’t opened np in 5 days due to them being eliminated, which might have something to do with it. Also there was most likely nowhere near as many carriers or ships that could cause the game to crash, so I doubt it was that.

Either way, we’ve moved on.

Thanks for trying to help, it’s not that big of a deal anyway.

My guess is that possibly Premium game Administrator was eliminated (he could have continued in-game diplomacy) & did not re-enter the game to check his in-game diplomacy messages or game status, was outside doing other things, perhaps started playing other games, was new player, wanted to clean up clutter in his list of “My Games” & did not realize that 5681502858510336 was still running & deleted it, causing grief to all of you who were continuing the great fight for domination. :crazy_face: Silly mistake.

If you wish, I can create a custom game for you to play. How many players ? What game settings ?

There’s no need for you to do that, thanks anyway. I don’t know if you can close a thread but uhhh consider the issue resolved I suppose