Problem: Game round does not load


Good morning,

I am currently unable to access

My ally is experiencing the same problem.

Enjoying the game so far and we are unreachable in the lead, so it would be really nice if this could be resolved :slight_smile:



I just had a look at the server and its timing out on your game for some reason.

The server might just be having some issues. If you still can’t get in i might have to download it and look at the contents of the game.

It’s 8:30pm here on Friday night so I’m not sure how much time I will have over the weekend to look into it for you! Sorry!

Please let me know how you go.

ps: does this game have fixed weapons? There was another game with fixed weapons a few months ago that crashed out and never came back.


I was interested in this game because it has a custom map, so I copied down some of its game settings.

game name = Double Einstein Ring (TB)
24 players , all ( free & premium ) players
Turn Based 24 hour turns , 24 tick jumps
24 tick production
custom map
home stars medium distances
random scatter , 24 stars
50 % victory
plentiful natural resources
rare random warp gates

I did not copy down any other settings.



The game does have fixed weapons (level 7). I hope you can solve this problem. We were about to win this within a week :sweat:


Thanks for your quick reply Jay!

I’m sure you’ll fix this whenever you get to it, but could you “freeze” the game until then? I’m really worried because I missed one turn while being sick and yesterday (I was the last one to submit) it just didn’t work - I tried on several devices. Last submit was always a little buggy so I didn’t think much about it. However, this turn is my last chance to submit, otherwise I will be kicked for inactivity (less than 20 stars away from victory). Turn should be over Saturday ~3:00am CET.

PS: It would be a pity if this problem is fixed-weapons-related, because I just love this setting.


Hey guys, you may not be 100% happy with what I have done, but I think your game should be up and going again.

I have divided all Economy, Industry, Science, Ship Count and Tech Level by 5.

I apologise for not being able to get the game going as it was but the game just doesn’t handle fixed weapon techs when you let the ship count get right up there!

At some point in the future, probably when I implement team games I’ll rewrite the combat functions so they handle this better.


Hey Jay!

Thanks for your helping!! The game does work now, but all 5 players who were left have been set afk… :sweat_smile:
Would it be possible to reset us, so we can finish this one?

So, for future games I create this means:

If the distances and the galaxy itself are big and if the amount of ships are going up that high due to this distances fixed weapons will cause a game’s crash?

That’s sad :confused: I like fixed weapons…

I hope you can handle this somewhere in the future!



That’s a shame. I was playing in that. I had been KO’d, but it was an EPIC game.

as it stands right now it’s never going to end.

I believe the admin can un-afk people in the options of a game right?


No I can’t! If I had created a password game, I could have reset us. But I have not created a password game. So I am not able to un-afk the 4 left players…

BTW: 2 players who were afk since the beginning and were not whipped out of the universe yet have been reset from afk. LOL :smiley:


thats strange, in the patch I wrote, I un-afked all players. I will try again tomorow morning. I dont like to check changes into the server at 8 at night incase things go bad while I’m sleeping.


Allright. Thanks :smile:


The main thing is that it works again :slight_smile: only need to be un-afked now.

But I just noticed something: I lost over 3,500,000 ships (92%). That wouldn’t be a big deal, but Knighthawk only lost 83%. My whole border is nearly empty. I suspect that there was a problem with travelling ships - I started an attack with over 500k before the game was down, but only 2.4k arrived at the target. The rest is nowhere to be found. That’s only one example.

My ally has only 7% left which supports the theory because he had many ships moving as well.

Hope you can fix this somehow - I guess I don’t need to explain the unfair disadvantage of my current border situation.

Thanks in advance!


Guess I found it!

Every carrier was set to 493 ships apparently. :frowning:


Curious why fixed weapons tech would cause any difference in game timing?
It’s actually one less variable that can change?

I agree with DarkDragonwing that fixed weapons tech is a fun way to play.


My algorithm for calculating the result of combat doesn’t do anything smart, it just iterates in a loop doing damage, when a carrier dies it iterates on the next one etc ect. Say you have 2 fleets of 1 million ships attacking each other. When fixed weapons 1 the for loop does 2 million loops. When you have weapons 10 its 10 times less iterations.

The server will not allow any process to take more than 30 seconds. They are fairly slow servers too.


I realize that multi-player (more than 2) combat gets really complicated … but it’s actually pretty rare that happens in real life.

So for the 99.99% of the time where it is simply mano-mano, instead of having 2,000,000 loops, couldn’t you just have the largest carrier goes against the largest carrier (or star garrison if no carriers left on defense), resolve that, and then re-iterate until a final result is reached?

Seems like this would result in a very, very, very dramatic speedup.

I wasn’t in the game above … but I can imagine how disappointed the players are to have invested time in the game and have it blow up on them.


yep, I just need to find the time to re-write that function and test thoroughly.


Ok, uploaded the new patch, can you see if it worked this time?


Sorry I didn’t address this point. I’m not sure what would have gone wrong.

edit: removed the code…


Oh fuck, I found a bug. And I was being so careful!

Sorry guys. How can I make it up to you? Lifetime premiums all round?

(there is no backup unfortunately)