Problems Joining Proteus Games


Anybody else having trouble joining Proteus games? There are two users that, after joining game game, only get a blank screen until the game actually starts. I can’t reproduce the problem here and I’m not sure what the problem might be.


I will join one and check


Nope, everything is good. I joined this on a MacBook running high sierra 10.13.4 and Safari 11.1


Did they hit shortcut key “H” ?


Try this one. It’s happening to me.

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Just using Chrome under Windows 10


Just stuck on Loading. Sorry should have put all this in one post but there you go.


Google Chrome has had at least two version updates in the last 11 days.

Maybe players should close all tabs and windows, wait 30 or 60 seconds for it to update, and restart Google Chrome ?


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That is the game I joined, it worked fine. I left after I joined because I wasn’t going to play it


I can recreate this issue.

MacOS 10.13.4, MacBook Pro Retina (mid-2014), Chrome 66
BUT I do have a Chrome update, updating and will report back
Updated, issue persists (Chrome V66.0.3359.139)

(from Discord)

EDIT: Additionally, like @TheLastHero, I would like to leave this game before it starts as I won’t be playing it.


Thanks everybody. I am uploading a fix now. You should be able to open the games in a few minutes and leave if you need to.


Thanks Jay, working now.