Production Clock - Pathetically small formatting complaint


Maybe it’s just me, and I’m prepared to admit that for many subjects that is the case, but the production clock really annoys me when it goes to hh:ss. I’d (probably) be a slightly happier person if it was always hh:mm:ss. Who’s with me?


Yes sorry @snorkelwanted sorry about this. I completely forgot about that bug.

I’ll make a note of it and fix it soon!

Thanks for the reminder. (These kinds of little things really bug me as well)



Thanks! Possibly mainly for the reassurance that it’s not just me…


A related (and equally minute) suggestion: What do you think of all real time games starting on the hour, so if the last player joins at 1:01, the game starts at 2:00. I’m not sure exactly what the current mechanic is, but this would just make the OCD part of me feel better, haha.


The current mechanic is
each game runs in its own fictional time zone.

In real time games. the top hh:00 of the hour coincides with the moment when the final player joined the game.

In turn based games, the turn wait is just a span of time from the moment when the final player submitted his previous turn.
So turn based games do not always have a consistent jump moment in time from day to day.