Production timing

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I find this an interesting point. So many things in this game happen with each tick. Why is income from production not distributed evenly at each tick?

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I might be wrong but I have always thought it was so that you don’t have to sign in many times a day if you didn’t want to.

I like having one major point in the day to look forward to. It’s exciting that at 4pm you get new cash to spend.

Or at 3am :wink:


More often at 3am than 4pm. I kind of like the idea of Economy and Banking paying out like Industry. There would be nothing stopping you from waiting until a specific time each day to spend your money, but advantages to spending it as you go. You also wouldn’t have to wait a whole day to get the cash you needed because you were short a few bucks to buy that carrier or trade that tech.

An alternative would be to allow each empire to select what Tick on Cycle 1 they wanted to get paid. Prorate the first amount. Then everyone could have their own personal production times and wouldn’t have to get up at 3am.


Another simple idea to solve that problem:
Set cycle time at a value other than 24 hours (For example 20 hours), so that the production timing shifts around. In this way the playground would be somewhat levelled for players from different timezones.

That would actually be great in turn based games. Have the time between turns set to 10-11 hrs instead of 12.