Proteus battle

Just lost a battle as a defender where I had 9 ships and the attacker had 10 ships.

We both have weapons lvl 3. I know there is no defender advantage, but I thought the defenders fired the first wave. Am I wrong?

I think this is how it works…
Round 1: you 9 them 7
Round 2: you 6 them 7
Round 3: you 6 them 4
Round 4: you 3 them 4
Round 5: you 3 them 1
Round 6: you dead them 1

Hmm, well that makes sense and sucks.

Sucks in a “it’s all my fault” sorta way…

I just pulled up the combat calculator and with both at Level 3, defender = 9, attacker 10 shows defender wins 3 left over. However with defence at level 2, attacker 3, the result is attacker wins 1 ship remaining …

If you got level 3 on the tick the combat occurred your ships would’ve fought at level 2, as the rise in level isn’t applied until the NEXT tick. Look at the battle in the Events tab and check what level your ships were at. If it’s 2, then it was ever thus; if 3 then report it as a bug.

This is Proteus, so no defensive bonus.