Proteus Bug involving research strengths and weaknesses


Hi, I’m new here and have looked around and this seems to be the way to “report” a bug but if I have missed a more proper way to do it, then I’m sorry.

Been trying out Proteus recently and I believe I have found a bug that I would like to report, just trying to be a good beta tester! I’ve spent a couple minutes searching on this forum to see if it’s been mentioned elsewhere and I cannot see it, so if this is already a known bug, my bad.

My Research Strength was selected to be banking and it says banking but my strength is actually in experimentation. Here is a screenshot:

I use Windows 7 Professional and chrome. I logged in firefox on my phone like I do sometimes and see the same issue.

When I was creating my custom race and selecting my strengths and weaknesses, I originally chose Experimentation as strength and Manufacturing as weakness. At some point I changed my mind, used the selection drop-down menus to change my strength from Experimentation to Banking, and it looked like it worked but, well, you see the screenshot.

Anyways, obviously this has no impact to me since I realize it now, but it could confuse other players and I just wanted to bring it up here in case it hasn’t been reported already.