Proteus - Change Strength/Weakness Before Game Start

Hi Jay,

Longtime lifetime premo member here (…and finally signed up on the forums). Love this game and your dedication.

I joined the latest Proteus game only to realize when I picked the “custom” avatar for my race, I missed my strength/weakness selections at the top of that screen. It dawned on me too late, after I selected my starting empire. I left the game because I didn’t want to be at what I consider a disadvantage for the length of the game. However, with normal NP game restrictions, I can’t rejoin the same game and make those new selections. Now I have to wait for that game to fill up, which is already sluggish, and then join the following one. :cry:

My request is simple: Can you make the strength/weakness selections in Proteus editable until the game actually starts?


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Only problem with this is you can see what strengths everyone else has, and change accordingly.

A better solution would be to have the strength and weakness selection for custom characters on a fourth page, after you pick icon, character, and name.

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@TheLastHero, good point! I would be OK with splitting it out to its own step/page too, so you can’t miss it.

Regarding seeing what others have selected in order to make an educated decision, you used to be able to do this - get to the last step before joining and inspect the other players, then go back and edit accordingly - but it has been a few months since I’ve played a round of Proteus, and I see that loophole has been closed, which is a good thing. Kudos to whoever requested that change.

Yeah, I think thats a good suggestion.

I was thinking of adding a few more pages to that initial join screen. I’ll make a todo item for it.

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