Proteus in Open Beta


After several months of not getting anything done on Protues, I finally found a few hours to get it together and open it up for everybody to give it a try!

You can find a Protues section on the new simplified join game page!

Please join me in a test game and let me know what you think.

(There might be a few issues with this new build, and the special Proteus help summary might not be up-to-date, but I will try and do this later today)




Your start is not much better.

I already fixed a bug. Your cyan hexes style was broken!


Yeah, I wanted to be a stealthy black ant and was disappointed :frowning:


The ruler seems broken as hell :frowning:

Edit: unless I misunderstood the rules. Base speeds < 12h are reporting warp speeds equal to the base speed.


as hell or as well? Can you be more spercific? I think it was working in th last test game because quite a bit of work went into it to make sure the new warpgates and wormhole stuff worked with it.


Yeah so, you only use warpages if the stars are more than 12 hours. Warp gate travel is always 12 hours, no matter how far apart the stars are!

Wormhole travel is 24 hours.

Should I reword the help?


See edit above. I read the rule to mean that base speeds under 12h would still get a 3x warp speedup. I guess it’s only that that looks weird, so it’s probably not broken as hell after all :slight_smile:


Is the link to the Proteus rules going to go away when the game starts?


No its sticks around. Is it anoying?


Yeah with the reference to the old rule PLUS the emphasis on “at most” it sounds like it’s the same, except capped at 12h.


Not annoying, I just want to be able to get to it still. Will it get its own link in the help/codex or will you eventually have completely separate help contents?


Umm, yeah, not sure how its going to work yet. I might make a section for Triton and for Proteus for each section, or I might juts completly fork it. (Probbably better.)


Is this a 1 time testing thing or there will be more matches like that ?
Because im crazy rushing my normal 8 players afks match to join you guys in time xD !


I’d love to help test it out, but it’s premium only D:


@JayKyburz I tried to take the last open spot, but got a message that “The last seat is always reserved for the game creator, please return to the lobby”. I am there now, sulking


Yikes, sorry, well, thats the fist bug I need to fix thismorning.

@Omnimal - I will fix you up with some premium.

@Amunasha - There should always be one of these test games avaliable for a while! (Like the standard games!)


Jay fixed that bug, but some unworthy grabbed that spot before I could be roused. Whoever claimed it, be it known that second place is first loser!

However, I am happily ensconced in

Join me! Trust me, once you’ve tasted a little wormhole, well…



I have two wormholes in my starting position.


Thanks @JayKyburz! I missed the first one too, but will join @wfmcgillicuddy in the second one when you do.


@JayKyburz, I presume there have been no material changes to game mechanics since test game 3?