Proteus: Pan to wormhole end-point on click


For clarification, I am talking about wormholes that connect 2 distant systems together on the map, normally not reachable by hyperspace range.

When you click a system you own that has a wormhole, it shows the system it’s connected to. A nice feature would be for the user to click the other side’s name in the information pain and have it pan the map to that system. Much like you have when you click the eye icon in your Galaxy->Star tab.

I don’t have a Proteus game started yet that I can snap a screen shot of this, but will as soon as my game starts.


Thats a good idea, and fairly easy to implement.

I’ll add it to the todo list!


I haven’t had time to look at what it would take to implement, but if there is a Proteus API and you have a source control repo, I could create a pull-request.


Thanks for the offer Ahamkara! but NP is not open-source yet. One day I will though!

You can request a version of the game that has uncompressed scripts using the "proteusu url like this

The code is not super easy to navigate but if you are interested you can take a look.