Proteus Range Bug


Ran into this in a Proteus game. Ruler states I only need Range 4 to reach a star, but with Range 4 researched I am unable to jump to it.

Ruler showing requirements:

Research showing Range:

Ship unable to jump to star:


Also just looking through the codex on tech in Proteus, shouldn’t I be able to jump 7LY with tech 4?

I was just trying to figure out why I was short and thought I’d check the Range tech to see if something didn’t add up…


Thanks for the heads up Zeke, I must have a bug in there somewhere. I’ll check it out as soon an I can.


From my experience, this seems to happen with distances x.00
Distances ending with the double 0’s show -1 in ruler for x but are unreachable until range = x.


Yeah, sorry. I must round differently somewhere.


I think this affects scan range too. No example to prove it right now though.