Proteus Scanning Bonus Bug

In a current game of Proteus…

Tick 47

  • Currently at 0 “Scanned Enemy Science”
  • Now (finally) in scan range to trade with ally
  • Bought scanning level 4 tech mid-tick, before bonus executed
  • Manually counted 3 enemy science, but research screen still shows 0 (expected behavior more or less)

Tick 48 - BONUS TICK

  • Bonus code runs delivering 0 bonus to me (NOT expected behavior)
  • Scanned enemy science is now 3, after no bonus

I believe this is not the intended behavior because my scanning was improved BEFORE the bonus tick.

This is a different scenario than “my scanning tech completed the same tick as bonus” scenario…which I can’t seem to find the official Proteus order of tick events in the help index to confirm, but IIRC bonus is before tech applied, so would not get a bonus improvement. Could be wrong here…doesn’t matter regardless.

I think the bonus code should re-calculate a player’s scanned enemy science before calculating the actual bonus amount. OR a scan trade should trigger the update to scanned enemy science.

This was very noticeable simply because I was at 0 scanned enemy science, but improved my scan right before bonus and still received 0 bonus points.

Not the easiest thing to explain, so please let me know if I can provide any further clarity.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: