Proteus Suggestion - Colors


The map I’m currently playing on looks like this, it is very difficult to tell where the northern diamonds end and the southern triangles start. Could you give every player a different shade of color? Maybe we are both blue, but one is darker blue and one is lighter blue?

Also, there are five blue players in this game and one orange player. Might make sense to balance the colors a bit more when possible so there are less conflicts.

GameID: 5591508793425920

Thank you!


Wouldn’t it be easy to assign everyone a shape, but not a color? You could randomly assign the colors, but make them individually configurable from the client side. That way we could even visualize shifting alliances,
The main problem with this is that a lot of ingame communication identifies people by color (let’s attack Blue together), but by setting different shapes for everyone and making them non-configurable would work well enough.


So for Triton we just have one number for for shape / colour combo. Thats why its one of each colour for circles, then switches to squares.

The other week I made it two numbers, but just picked both randomly as a quick fix.

I’ll add a little more code this week to make sure the both the colours and shapes are evenly distributed rather than completely random. Two of each in 16 player games.

Sorry for not getting to it sooner.


I really like where you landed on this. Being able to modify shape and color, in game, has been helpful.

Can be used as a sneaky camouflage tactic as well as a way to keep from running into your mates. Bravo, per usual!


Thanks Houseboat!

Let me know if you see it being abused!


Jay, what are you classifying ‘abuse’ as? I liked to use it like Houseboat’s mentioned, as camouflage against those not paying attention but I’ll hold off if that’s going to be a no-no


Not sure what counts as abuse. Something that’s super anything for everybody. Changing it every hour perhaps.