Proteus Test Game 3

I would really apreciate your help testing Proteus once again.

New this version:

  • Wormholes that connect distant parts of the galaxy.
  • Espionage where you can gather reseach by scanning enemy science facilities
  • Trade restrictions so you can only send tech to players equal or smaller than you
  • Fix speed of 12 hours (or better) for stars connected by warp gates.

Please join, have fun, and post your feedback here!

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So I think I already found a bug :wink:

I have a star with what I assume is a wormhole. Clicking “view” to get the star’s info pulls up nothing.

Oh right, becuase the game hasn’t started you can see the star its connected to. Didnt think of that! Will fix now! Welcome to the game!

Hopefully I last longer in this one!

The wormholes are random, I hope they are interesting in this first ever game with them.

I just found something beautiful. A star with sixty resources. Oh, blessed position. The One who Spun Time is once again on the side of the COM!

I have no strength/weakness. I don’t know if that is gone or if I just forgot to configure it. (Is there a chance I can change that?)

What are the steps to send a carrier through a warp-gate? I gave orders to a carrier to move to a star with a warp gate but can’t see nothing special.

@Zoquete, if you leave, tell me so I can make a change on the server, then rejoin you will be able to choose a new race.

You move through a wormhole just as you would plot any path, but because the game hasn’t started you cant see the distant star to path through to it.

I’ve left.

The warp-gate thing works the same in dark galaxies? I will be able to see the destination star in the map?

I don’t like how the science in the selection tab, for choosing what to research, differs from their respective places in the actual research listing below. For instance, Experimentation is the bottom tech listed in the main science menu, but is still in its middle position in the selection tab, as it appears in NP2.

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I cannot wait for this game to begin!! Very exciting!

Can you clarify for me by what you mean by Warpgate speed being “at most” 12 hours? Could it be quicker?

yes, if the stars are closer than 12 hours at normal speed, you are never slowed by gates.

Perfect! That solves all of of my issues with the new warp gates.

I just joined up, should be fun.

I think there is a bug in “The Triton Codex” for the Trade and Diplomacy section. It says:

You can only send technology and money to player that have at least as many stars as you.

But it should say at most.

And, about the wormholes: they take always 24 ticks instead of at most 24 ticks. What happens if there are wormholes between two near stars? Shouldn’t it be at most also?

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no wait, you can only trade down, so the smallest number you can have is how many they have. Is that right? Should be at least.

Im confused now.

I delete all close wormholes so its not possible that there will be such small worm jumps.

At least = not less than = greater than or equal to

At most = not more than = less than or equal to

Zoquete is correct.

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Just joined- woohoo! :smiley:
I’m ready to get my butt kicked in a whole new universe!

You can only send technology and money to player that have at least as many stars as you.

How about:

“You cannot send technology or money to a player that has more stars as you.”

Is that what you are trying to say?

(Also, joined. :grimacing:)

much better thank you. Welcome to the game!

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I always forget in these new games you dont want to hold your cash back until right before production.

But I never know how much to hold back for all these juicy unclaimed stars!