Proteus Test Game

Ok, here is the first ever Proteus Test Game.

This game is to see if the new economy is completely broken (a real risk)

Things might spiral out of control, crash, be no fun at all. We might cancel the game after a few days or weeks if things are not going well. Rules might change on the fly if we decide we want to, or if I do more work on the Proteus game type while its running.

It’s just an 8 player game for now.

If you miss out on a seat and really want one we might start two games side by side.

Help testing much appreciated!


Don’t forget there is no production at the end of the day anymore. Cash is paid out throughout the day. Money you spend on Economy starts working for you right away just like science and industry. (I forgot myself)

I’m in but… uh… how do I join?

Nevermind, I figured it out… it doesn’t have an autolink to signing up, silly me.

Copied over my response from the other thread since I just saw this one.

Did you forget to mention how the races all have buffs and debuts in different techs? I like that a lot. Definitely gives premium players another perk, since they can choose a custom combination and still use the character they like.

Also, is terraforming out now? I’m not seeing it anywhere.

Holy crap, these expensive carriers are going to wreck me! I’m one of those guys with double my star count in carriers by the end of the game. Adding 25$ to the price every time you buy a carrier might be too much in my opinion. That means your 40th carrier will cost $1000! In 64 player games most people have carrier counts in the hundreds by end game. Having your 100th carrier cost $2500 is going to be completely game changing. Every player will have to build completely new strategies.

Just joined, this is gonna be interesting.

Yepp, terra is gone as well.

Im assuming the experience on each star will somehow replace that?

No more waiting until minutes before cycle to purchase all your economy. That’ll be another interesting change.

Yeah, not sure about start experience yet. I wanted to add carrier combat experience, so you can have those hero units flying around kicking butt, but stars participate in combat as well so I thought, what the heck, add exp to them as well.

Right now it just counts combats, but I was thinking you might get a weapon skill bonus for for the most experienced unit in the combat, whether thats a carrier or the star.

The carrier pricing is too high, I believe. What about making it so carrier prices are reduced somehow, or are cheeper on new stars? That way, new stars have new benefits… either way, very unhappy about the carrier price increase.

As to experienced units… not liking that. It becomes more and more a game of RPG-like stats, and not maneuvering strategies. Tactics will come out looking more like a new statistics race, only with the key mobility unit in the game. I’m predicting a stall later on, where none of us are going to commit a legacy ship we can’t afford to lose, or carriers at all.

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Also, I just thought of something to replace Terra and help nerf Economy. The opposite to Terraforming, Interference!

Just think, artificially induced solar storms, Lapidexian terrorists, insurgents, currency manipulation, etc. on how you want to spin it. This technology would work like scanning. Every enemy star under the influence of a player’s interference field would suffer penalties to Economy (probably NOT the other infrastructures, as that would be overpowered), as interstellar trade tarrifs and extra-national trade routes get complicated, or somesuch.

This would also encourage breaking alliances or limiting their most common strategies, as mutually opposing fields would hinder those players snowballing toward victory.

Jay is saying the new economy will produce lots more money, let’s see how everything plays out then we can balance it.

Also jay, there’s no link to view the rules of the game. Is it turn based, quad tick, dark galaxy, etc? That would be nice to get in there

Carrier experience is back??!! I am weeping tears of joy! How does it work? I don’t see mention of it in the codex.

just visual for now. Might come on line halfway through the game :slight_smile:

Are we just playing or are we trying to break, I mean test, the game? I might take one for the team and turtle up with my precious economy and see what happens. I’ll probably be brutally crushed immediately but thats also useful as it will show what happens to those with an early lead…

Yeah, it would be good for folks to be trying different strategies. Playing to win is often the best way to find broken things.

Probably dont want to just do random crazy stuff becuase then we wont get a good feel for if the game is random and crazy when we are trying to play properly.

One more player!

Cool, I’ll ditch the ‘abandon all my stars and try to fight as some sort of nomadic gypsy race’ plan then.

Where should we put what we found. I think that the carriers all cost $25 a piece before the game officially started. I only built 2 but I believe they were both $25.

Also the ruler tool is still set for normal games when looking at tech level needed for a jump. It shows that I need a level 2 range to jump 4.7ly, but we start at 3 which isn’t enough to make the jump with how range works now.

Anyone else feel like they’re in a game all by themselves? Looking at the map makes me feel lonely. Makes it much more difficult to plan, but definitely adds something to the game without being as frustrating as dark galaxies used to be.

My only concern is that if someone were to join as two players or know other people in the game you can use the stars names still to find them. I think that the dark galaxy helps keep people from doing stuff like that, which is nice for a fairer game, but I still like this as an in between :slight_smile: