Proteus Test Game

Game’s full, but I’d love to give it a test run…if a second game opens I’d love to get in on it.

You have missed out, Praxus. It feels so different already, and ominous…

The first carrier you have is free. After that each carrier costs 25x, where x is the number of carriers you have. That means your second carrier would still be $25.

I bought 4 carriers before start and the price increased on all of them.

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I’m curious if there’s any benefit to the end of a production cycle now? Since the experimentation appears to return a research bonus in your selected research task and money is getting paid out at the tick, is there anything that happens at cycle?

For star experience, maybe have it reset every time a star changes hands? And have experience equate to some kind of terraforming for that individual star?

I’m assuming not. The timer really just seems to be a way to keep track of game time. Maybe we could substitute it with a timer that counts down to the next tick and resets every hour?

So I’m $3 short of being g able to buy a new carrier, but the build carrier button is not grayed out for me, anyone else having this experience?

When you click the button nothing happens

I just noticed the INTEL button stays on “Data Pending”. I’m really curious to compare how everyone is progressing. I know I could crunch the numbers the old fashioned way, but I love the intel feature.

Speaking of which, I was thinking it would be cool if we could get enhancements on that feature. I haven’t completely thought through my wish, but I am imagining a wider spread of filters to compare two players and their levels of say Weapons and Manufacturing. Or chart a single players advances in industry vs economy over a period of ticks.

Intel charts every 6 ticks so it’ll have the first point in an hour or so.

Yes, I’d love to have more detailed Intel!

I’ve never used the info chart, exactly what do you gain from watching those complex and scary looking graphs?

The most important use is to glean who is trading with whom. Especially useful for detecting when your “ally” starts trading with your enemy. But also to detect an alliance that is winning the tech race, so that you can organize a counter-alliance to stop them before its too late.

You require the graph to tell that? I’ve always used deductive reasoning…

Suggestion for the racial abilities. Perhaps it would be good to make it so that trading a player their weakness costs more too. This would really make playing the different races matter and underscore their difficulty grasping the weakness. Of course their strength could be cheaper as well show in their ability to understand more advance versions of their specialty more easily.

Deductive reasoning: My allies are trustworthy fellows
Allies always deliver tech on time
I don’t need to protect my borders from my allies
CONCLUSION: therefore I will shift my fleets to red triangle and ATTACK

Inductive reasoning: Damn, my ally is 36 hours late with those weps, and a battle is imminent
HEY, red triangle got 2 levels of weps plus range. Not one of his allies have that??
HEYYYYYYY, my ally just showed up with 10k ships on my unprotected border
Conclusion: Oh shit!

I also use it as a gauge for how I’m tracking vs other top players with regards to my investments. I could go through and check each player individually, but it’s nice to see if a potential enemy just bulked up on industry or science for that matter.

Another good use for the charts is in 64 player games where it is harder to keep track of changes in stars. You can pull up the total ships tab and see if two players have been fighting if they both dip in a similar manner at the same exact time.

Im not convinced about this new scanning mode.

I just upgraded my laptop to the new MacOS can can only scroll out with the mouse wheel. Have to scroll in using the interface. Also the new fleet button is blank.

I’ll fix some of those bugs with the ruler, production timer, and fleet button enabled as soon as we think we like those feature changes.

I just did some quick math and at my current rate, it take me about 5 hours to produce enough economy to buy a single point of econ ($100), which in turn produces $3 additional per tick or $72 per day (not enough to buy another point of econ in one day)

In a single days worth of production, I can currently produce enough cash to buy up to 4 points of econ, assuming I can continue to find new stars where the econ cost is only $100. I noticed for a medium-small star, the cost doubled to $200 for the next point of econ. If I didn’t have a lot of room to grow, I may be lucky to afford 2-3 points of econ per day (~$216 at bank 3) and this is assuming that I don’t spend money on any other infrastructure.

All this to say, I think that it’s going to be really tough to gain any traction in this game given the current cost of econ and raising my banking level only returns a minimal gain since it’s difficult to raise the total econ count.

Considering in the current Triton game, I was raising approx. 6-7 econ per day for the first few days and climbing to close to 20 per day after 7 or so prod cycles in. And this was all while building heavy science and industry.

I think this game may stall out due to the initial cost of econ unless I’m missing something.

Either way, I’m having fun with some of the new mechanics. Thanks for letting us test it out!