Proteus UI Tech Funds Drop Down Bug

Minor annoyance (finally posting about it). :upside_down_face:

The tech level dollar amount drop down in the “Give this player Credits” section on another player’s empire screen is super useful when paying for tech. However, it defaults to the “$80 (Lvl 4 Tech)” option, so you can’t actually select this option to populate the adjacent number input box value without first selecting some other level and then re-selecting level 4.

This happens for me in Chrome (desktop) and Safari (iOS) browsers, but shouldn’t be browser specific. There is no drop down option change to trigger the update to the other input value.

Perhaps a default “Select $ Value / Tech Level” can be added. Then when selecting $80, it would function as expected. If this default option is re-selected after a different option was selected, clear the other input value.