Public Game with 1 spot open. Started 2 days ago

Here’s a game where 1 spot is open. It’s age 3 day 7 hour as of this message and the spot that’s open hasn’t made a single move.

looks full. Did i miss out?

Huh. I thought there is a two game limit for free players. I clicked on join to test that out but joined anyway (making it my third game). Well, this puts me far behind, but I hope you can make do for a day or two until I can capture a few things. How many mana wells are on this map? Is there one I can grab somewhere or can I trade for mana?

I haven’t actually implement the two game limit yet! Better do that soon!

Haha. You can, uh, take your time on that one. :smiley:

Oh. The deck building has changed. This is interesting. I don’t like that I can’t remove “essential” cards (not that I saw). There are many essential cards I don’t like to play.
Those essential cards also allowed me to double the number of those types of cards in my deck. For example, I already have 4 Tree Whisperers. All four of those were in the essential deck. I was still able to add my four Tree Whisperers, giving me 8 in my deck now.
The limit on the number of types of cards I’m not sure I like either. I played with varied cards otherwise, and I couldn’t seem to fill the empty slots up in the essentials deck to make it more palatable (although I didn’t put much effort into it, so maybe I am just mistaken). If it was 10 slots total and some of those were prefilled with the essential cards but I could remove all of the pre-chosen cards if I wished and fill in all 10 slots myself (or some combination thereof), I could get behind this.

Yeah, we are experimenting with what I hope will be a more interesting deck mechanics.

In the near future, the game designer will be able to specify exactly what cards will be in the essential set. Sometimes it might be none, in some cases it might be a bunch of rare cards so players can see and enjoy them without having to collect them first.

In a standard MP game there might be no essential cards so you can tailor your deck to exactly how you want it.

As we go to build out the campaign we wanted to be able make each mission different by essentially lending them cards. We can then know for sure that the player has a specific power.

So for example, we could make a map that has no Mana Wells, and require players to use the Dark Forest Witch to make the Mana. Or even a crazy map that has no Gold producing towns, and require the player to use Dwarven Gold Miners to make all the Gold.

I didn’t want to limit the number of a particular card in a deck like Magic The Gathering where you can only take 4 of any cards because it’s hard to judge how many cards you might need in your deck before you begin. It also sux to own more than 4 of any card.

Instead I thought a limit of the type of card would be more interesting, what to bring and what to leave behind can be a tough choice!

I like those ideas for the deck (that a game instance creator could choose the essential cards even) and how that plays into missions.

I’m also good with no particular limit on a card type, but the “essentials” probably shouldn’t double what I have in my personal library. If Tree Whisperers are in the “essential” deck, then it should be a set number, regardless of how many I own. Right now the number of cards up there seems to reflect how many I have in my library. Or, this particular game could have been a coincidence (but it looked like all three of the cards given matched the number I had in my library, making me skeptical of coincidence).

I still am uncertain about a limit of 5 personal card types to add to the deck. If I could fill in any unused “essentials” slots too (not removing essentials, but just filling in the slots that didn’t have a card picked for me already), then that would help. Then I would range from 5-10 personal card types, limited by how many of the 0-5 essential cards were picked for me.
I guess on this note, it would be nice if when I add more of a card type that was picked for me, if it would go into the slot already used by that card type for the “essentials”. This means if I like playing with Knights (and I do), and the essentials give me two but I want to add more, I don’t use up a second slot to add the extras I have. This kind of removes some of that “restriction to make the choices of what to keep interesting”, but I personally like that there while there is a cap, I have a lot of flexibility within it. I don’t know what that does for the fun and skill mechanics of the game though. This could also be confusing in the UI if I later wanted to remove those extra Knights I added, because two of them have to stay and that could confuse someone (why they could remove some but not all, forgetting that the “not all” was part of the pre-built deck).

Edit: Sorry for hijacking the thread.

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