Purchasing Campaigns?

Hi there,

i’d like to support IHG and Blight because i really like the idea of the game. I wonder if it would be a good idea to implement purchasing campaigns instead of buying premium (or make both possible). You could also make it possible to buy it with hero coins.

Reason is: i’d like to play these maps but don’t want to be forced to play them in a certain time limited.

Is this feature planed or will it unlikly be implemented?

best regards

I understand your hesitation with purchasing a ‘premium’ account. The idea of paying a recurring cost for in game perks isn’t quite as tolerated as it once was. It seems to be the trend now that games are going with micro-transactions.

That said, I think you might consider the lifetime ‘premium’ option. The $48 price tag is a little more than I’d typically be willing to spend, but if you find a couple friends who are also interested the 3-pack is a little easier to swallow for $32. Plus the extra coins and the fact you can have more than 2 games going at the same time really gives quite the boost to collecting the cards.

Usually how I handle a situation like this is that I play the game for a while, and if I’m still enjoying the game, and I’ve felt that I’ve already pretty much got the value of my money out of it then I will go ahead and jump in to support the devs.

Well i just bought a month, lets see if i still like to play the game after one month it was totally worth it.

Thanks for the support @centech. We really appreciate it!

Keep in mind we are still finishishing of some hero powers and making maps so feel free to contact me if you are still playing and I’ll fix you up with an extension as thanks for showing your support!